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What are the functions and benefits of smart home appliance control?

Admin:Administrator Date:2019-06-15

The electrical control adopts weak current control and strong power mode, which is safe and intelligent. It can be intelligently used in mobile water dispensers, sockets, air conditioners, floor heating, projectors, fresh air systems, etc. by various intelligent control methods such as mobile phone app, control panel and timing. Control, avoid the repeated heating of the water dispenser at night to affect the water quality, disconnect the power supply when going out, avoid the safety hazard caused by the heating of the appliance; and control the air conditioning floor heating or remotely, so that you can adjust the humidity, cleanliness and air humidity in your home at any time. temperature. Advantages: Convenience: local control, scene control, remote control, mobile (mobile/flat) and computer remote control.

Control: Through infrared or other signal control methods, it is safe and convenient without interference.

Health: Through the intelligent detector, you can detect the temperature, humidity and brightness of your home and drive the electrical equipment to work automatically.

Safety: The system can automatically turn the circuit on or off according to the pace of life, avoiding unnecessary waste and fire caused by electrical aging.


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