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Service FAQ Software Update
(1). Nationwide warranty
Implement nationwide warranty, three-package service of national standards. In the event of a failure within the three-package range, the original warranty certificate and the purchase invoice can be used to perform repair services at the authorized outlets.
The three-pack service is as follows:
Within 7 days from the date of sale, consumers can choose to return, exchange or repair. Within 15 days from the date of sale, consumers may choose to exchange or repair. Within one year from the date of sale, consumers can choose to repair. The following conditions are not within the scope of the Three Guarantees:
More than three packs are valid.
There are no valid three-package vouchers and invoices.
The content on the invoice does not match or is altered by the physical identification of the product.
Damage caused by use, maintenance, and maintenance that is not required by the product instruction manual (man-made damage).

(2). Warranty description
If your machine malfunctions, please call the service hotline and the local service station will be available within 24 hours (except in special circumstances).
Our company will provide free repair service when there is a performance failure during normal use of your machine.
You can choose the paid service provided by our company if the following conditions occur.
At each repair, the person in charge of the customer service center will check whether the product model and serial number on the invoice and warranty certificate match the physical product. Please ask the dealer for a written certificate at the time of purchase to ensure the dealer's redemption of your additional commitments.


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