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In 2019, the value of smart home appliances in the whole house is not worth buying?

Admin:Administrator Date:2019-04-12

A "smart TV", its most fundamental job is to display the picture, so the indicators of clarity, color reproduction, sound and so on are still prior to its "intelligent control of the whole house appliance" indicator. A "smart refrigerator", its priority indicators are also basic indicators such as capacity, energy consumption, cooling efficiency, temperature control capabilities, rather than intelligent features.

Since such a priority is beneficial to home appliance manufacturers rather than Internet manufacturers, does this mean that in terms of research and development of intelligent features, it is easier for home appliance manufacturers to catch up with Internet vendors in time to fill shortcomings? The AWE 2019 live demonstration does not support this guess.

There are not many manufacturers who have the conditions to provide the whole house intelligent solution. In this venue, there are three traditional home appliance manufacturers including Haier, TCL and Gree, Huawei and Jingdong two interconnection solution providers, and Yunmi’s “Internet”. The manufacturer showed a single brand of home appliances that could fill the entire house. It is a pity that after experiencing the interconnection schemes of the manufacturers, you will basically give up the better fantasy. Only these appliances will be used as ordinary appliances that need to be manually switched over ten years ago.


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