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"Smart Home White Paper" released The smart home appliance ecological chain needs to be opened

Admin:Administrator Date:2019-02-12

Nowadays, smart home appliances and household equipment are beginning to enter a large number of ordinary households. However, different kinds of equipment are piled up in one room, but they are not so smart. For example, many devices must be controlled by the mobile app, but each device has its own app. When it is used, it will fall over and it will be troublesome. Also, controlling a smart TV has a set of languages, and controlling a smart speaker is a set of languages. In addition, to enter personal information, each product has to be entered again, it is simply toss.

Yang Lingcai, director of the China Telecom Business Innovation Center, mentioned in the White Paper on Smart Home that the incompatibility between smart devices is a major challenge for smart home construction, so it is necessary to unify the protocol standards. Yang Ling said: "The family scene should be rich and colorful, and the demand is infinite. Under this premise, it is difficult for one side of any industrial chain to meet the full needs of the majority of family customers. It is necessary for the industry chain to work closely together and adopt the standard of agreement. Standardize to provide customers with a unified, consistent and best experience."

What agreements and standards do smart families need to unify? The reporter found out that it generally includes smart gateways, peripheral devices, mobile apps, home open platforms, third-party cloud platforms, communication protocols, and data encapsulation. Communication experts pointed out that operators have a natural advantage in this regard. Taking China Telecom as an example, Ding Xueyang, product manager of Tianyi Wisdom Family Company, said that they are such a unified agreement: "We have a platform for, and all the smart devices of the manufacturers are connected to our pan-smart ecosystem. All the incompatibility issues, including our own SDK and other modules, not only make them compatible, but also have a feelingless network experience in the future."

Of course, it is not enough to have these things. The smart home devices must realize information sharing, complementary functions, and organic connections, so that the user experience can be smoother. For example, the general manager of the Intelligent Operators Division of Hetai, said: "For example, through smart door locks, you can determine whether you are a master or a visitor. If you are the owner, a series of equipment at home will do what you are used to. For example, if you are in the kitchen, you will recommend what kind of dish to cook, what kind of makeup should be recommended for beauty, and how the clothes should be matched. In fact, through the door lock face recognition and certification, all the houses (equipment) ) have been opened."


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